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Most practitioners have their favorite trusty techniques that, while sometimes effective, may fall short or produce unintended consequences. Unnecessary medication or surgery can lead to patient side effects or lengthy, painful healing. Many bodywork techniques take a huge toll on the provider and can lead to practitioner burnout or their own musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, making their chosen career, and life in general, difficult. Adjustments or treatments may not hold, leading patients to drop out of care when it becomes cost- or time- prohibitive.

With CLRT, you can effortlessly make trigger points vanish, muscles relax, pain diminish, and stuck joints increase their range of motionall within a matter of seconds. Watch your patients’ jaws drop as referral rates skyrocket! CLRT can be easily and effectively integrated into your existing clinical repertoire or offered as a standalone service.


This virtual training course is PACKED with DETAILED, COMPREHENSIVE information to help you MASTERFULLY integrate Cranial Laser Reflex Technique into your healing practice.

Our Introduction section will give you a strong foundation in the background and basics of CLRT.

The Breakdown and CRP section takes a thorough look at dozens of individual muscles, and their respective Cranial Reflex Pathways and Points, with striking anatomical 3D animations and expert instructional narration.

Finally, the CLRT in Practice section documents 12 complete treatment sessions with new patients - so you can see the technique used from start-to-finish with genuine, novel patient responses.

Throughout the course, we offer helpful tips and tricks to use the technique effectively, including CLRT protocols for many common conditions.


Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Nicholas A. Wise, DC, MSCR
Nicholas A. Wise, DC, MSCR

Dr. Nick Wise developed Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT) for musculoskeletal pain relief and functional improvements in 2006 and has since used the technique with thousands of patients in his private chiropractic practice. He has taught hundreds of practitioners around the world through live workshops and video training and has presented CLRT in national and global conferences on chiropractic, photobiomodulation, and complementary and alternative medicine.

Dr. Wise was the first chiropractor to be awarded the T-32 NIH Research Fellowship at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. He currently serves as the Science Chair of the North American Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy (NAALT) and is an adjunct faculty member in the Program on Integrative Medicine at UNC-CH.

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